Runescape 2007 Bot v3.7

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We have just announced that we are releasing a working Runescape 2007 bot! Bot works with all items and high/low alch (depending on your level). Make sure you have a cash stack, natures, fire staff equipped and the item you want to alch only in inventory.



alternative link:


AutoMiner Pro – Mine like you’ve never mined before!
AutoHunter Pro – 1 to 99 hunter in no time.
AutoFisher Pro – Fish every day, and you don’t have to play!
AutoFighter Pro – The ultimate combat experience.
AutoWoodcutter Pro – Chop wood like a crazy beaver!
AutoRunecrafter Pro – Graahk, Abyss, F2P … it does it all!
AutoFiremaker Pro – Burn any logs at super speeds.
AutoFletcher Pro – String and cut bows all day long.
AutoCooker Pro – Become a top RuneScape chef with ease.
AutoAgility Pro – Training the most boring skill, so you don’t have to.
AutoCrafter Pro – 99 crafting is easy!
AutoGDK Pro – Slay Green dragons for mega money and XP!
AutoGoats Pro – Mega XP and money killing desert Goats!
AutoCrabber Pro – Let’s go Rock Crabbing!
AutoDagannoth Pro – Dagannoths for 85k+ combat XP /hr!
AutoPlunder Pro – Pyramid Plunder your way to 99 thieving.
AutoPestControl Pro – Full void and great XP? No problem.
AutoTrawler Pro – Trawl sharks, turtles, and rays all day!
AutoTzHaarCaves Pro – Awesome combat at the TzHaar Caves.
AutoVinesweeper Pro – Rakin’ in the farming points.
AutoPotatoes Pro – Become a potato millionaire!
AutoSnapeGrass Pro – Get mega rich gathering Snape grass!
AutoFlaxer Pro – Make millions picking and spinning flax.
AutoOrbs Pro – 99 Magic while making $250k /hr!!
AutoTanner Pro – Tan hides for mega money.
AutoSwampToads Pro – Picking up Swamp Toads for big money!
AutoAlcher Pro – Alch your way to 99 Magic!
AutoStunner Pro – Stun the Dummy!
AutoSmither Pro – 1-99 smithing on the anvil!
AutoSmelter Pro – Smelt faster than you ever have.
AutoSummoner Pro – Summon the level 99 beast!
AutoHerblore Pro – Mix your way to 99 today!

– Works on Mac / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / XP / Vista (32 bit / 64 bit)
– Private Proxy’s which keep your account safe!

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